So many people watching time go by
So many people locked in the kennel of life
Living in your own filth, everything looks so big
Cower in your primitive hole
Never seeking more life, content to losing time
As long as they fill up your bowl

Tell me not to think or feel
Tell me not to find what's real

Trying so hard to get the chain off my neck
Who's pulling the other end? so I will forget
Pushing at my own cage, not intent to housebreak
But to fight an open space
Snapping at the hand that feed, the same one that won't let me be
But I'll never see your face

Tell me not to think or feel
Tell me not to find what's real
Tell me not to care for truth
Eat, sleep, procreate, that's all life wants of you


from The Meritocracy of Hell, released October 25, 2014
words and music-Matthew Zane Harper(ASCAP)



all rights reserved


Bishop Lake Atlanta, Georgia

Bishop Lake is a death rock an roll band from Atlanta , Ga. We pride ourselves on superior musicianship, clever songwriting, and catchy hook laden vocal melodies. We are currently recording our next album, "When Lucifer Fell", pre-order here: www.indiegogo.com/projects/get-bishop-lake-s-new-ep-when-lucifer-fell/x/8090872#/ ... more

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